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We have built a place where your successes are celebrated, ideas are shared and your personal growth and development is rewarded.

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Your success is our success
We maintain a culture of continuous support and development for our team members. From mentorship programs to skill-building workshops, we are committed to nurturing the talents within our team. Your success is our success, and we are dedicated to providing the resources and guidance needed to help you thrive in your career journey.

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Un-corporate DNA

We value individuality and give you the freedom to wear what you want so that you can be your own best self. Dress in your own unique style and feel confident!

Christmas and summer parties

Here at Marva we love a party to reward the hard work of our team and enjoy some time away from the office together.

Complimentary breakfast

We offer a nutritious breakfast selection to ensure our team starts the day fully charged and ready to achieve.

Work with top providers

We offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to access some of the most highly regarded healthcare providers in the industry.

Our animals

Kiara is a master of playfulness and imagination. She can turn the simplest object into an endless source of entertainment, keeping the office atmosphere light and fun.

Kiara does not have the most proficient office skills. She has the tendency to walk across keyboards and has been known to occasionally delete an important email or two.

Kiara, Blue British Shorthair
Office Playfulness Coordinator - Birmingham, UK

Bailey’s not just a good boy, he's the best guard dog around. His high energy and cute face will distract any intruders!

While Bailey's energy and enthusiasm are impressive, he does have a weakness for getting sidetracked. Just don't be surprised if he forgets his guard duties to chase after your feet!

Bailey, Chow Chow
Chief Security Officer - Glasgow, UK

They’ve impressed us with their constant vigilance and ability to keep watch over the office floor 24/7. With the directors situated in the UK, these four are the perfect guardians for our Cape Town office.

Their 3-second memory has proven to be an issue, and we may need to consider upgrading their memory to ensure maximum efficiency.

David, Bobby, John & Simon
CCTV - Cape Town, SA

With his endearing Cavapoo charm, he excels at boosting team morale and spreading joy. His tail-wagging greetings are second to none, and he's a master at brightening up even the most stressful workdays.

While Ted is a pro at creating a happy atmosphere, his boundless energy could lead to short bursts of distraction, but his charisma always brings him back to his responsibilities!

Ted, Cavapoo
Executive Pawficer - Birmingham, UK